Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

I'm hosting my very first Thanksgiving this year and I'm quite worried that it won't be as good as my mom's. She is the Thanksgiving hostess extraordinaire! So I'm using some of her recipes, and maybe trying a few of my own too. One thing I am pretty sure I can pull of is a nice tablescape. Here are some of my inspirations:

{ HGTV }

{ HGTV }

For the kiddos, wouldn't this be adorable? I just love it--so simple and easy!

Have you ever hosting Thanksgiving? Any tips for me?


  1. Gorgeous Thanksgiving tables! Yes, I like the last one for the kids.

  2. i hosted christmas eve last year, so sort of similar. i was super nervous cause it was my first big event as a grown-up with my own home. i basically put my own spin on everything to make it my own. i made a couple of tried and true recipes, but tried to make everything else fun and new (i.e. mashed potatoes w/ blue cheese crumbles & bacon....etc....).

    i also have a cake stand on my table that is covered in mini gourds right now (like the country living look). it definitely dresses things up easily and on the cheap.

    good luck & have fun with it!

  3. my advice...keep it simple and homey. Everyone loves food that brings back memories of simple times. And then end with a bang - some crazy over the top delicious dessert.

  4. Thanksgiving hostess extraordinaire..WOW, you know how to make a mom feel good! You have already become quite the hostess yourself, impressing me over and over again, actually upstaging me alot. Proud of you for all the good you do through your blog too! Love ya , MOM


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