Thursday, November 12, 2009

Help Lift Up Ellie

Through a friend was I introduced to little Ellie on twitter. Sweet Ellie is battling Stage 4 cancer and really needs some prayers. I'm personally hoping for her own special miracle. You can read Ellie story here and follow Team Potvin on Twitter too. This little fighter is a twin and the family is asking for prayers for the two girls, Ellie and Grace. As a sister myself I can't imagine seeing your sibling hurt. And for Ellie's parents my heart aches.

Friends of the family are requesting anything that may brighten their days, especially the girls, be donated right away. Check their twitter if you want to help. A few very generous ladies and myself have combined funds to send a couple of these to Ellie and Grace. A BIG thanks to Melisa for helping out and to Quinn for her generous donation.

Let's Lift Up Ellie! I'm praying for Team Potvin and hope you will too.

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