Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 7: G

The hubby and I love to work in our yard and garden. For several years as apartment dwellers we dreamed of the day we could plant as we pleased. Some of the first improvements/changes we made to our home were with flowers + plants. We even did a mini veggie garden this summer. Next year we'll do even more--bigger and better. We are both grateful to have our own green is so calming to dig in the dirt and watch things grow and bloom. To view a peak at some of our gardening click here and enjoy some of Martha Stewart's inspiring gardens below.

{ Herb Garden }

{ Vegetable Garden }

{ Turkey Hill Garden }

{ Skyland Garden & Pergola }


  1. I'm another apartment dweller who dreams of my own plot! Although I do love my little potted garden (including my teeny wine barrel vegetable garden!) I can't wait to get my trees into real soil and let them thrive, unrestrained. A few birds wouldn't go astray either!

  2. Ms. Unreliable: Gardening in your own yard is the best. I hope that you'll have your own plot soon and your trees will get to thrive and grow.

    Gratefully yours,

    { Lindsey }


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