Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 8: H

I've lived in the same town my entire life and until I was 21 lived in the same home with my parents. Luckily, I love where I live and aside from the college days of wanting to try something different and go far away, I've never wished to be anywhere else. The hubby and I bought our first home last year and it is so wonderful be making our house a home. I'm grateful to have grown up in a community that I love. I'm even more grateful that my parents created such a perfect home for me and my sister. And I am every so grateful to be doing the same with my hubby. There's no place like home!

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  1. so true. home is my very favorite place. the one place where i can be 100% me.

  2. I LOVE that first illustration :) Thank you so much for sharing it, it is perfect for me home!

  3. I don't know if I'd say perfect, but I would surely say loving. A home full of great memories....the nest! I am happy you feel that way Lindsey and I am happy that when you left the nest, you didn't fly too far away!!!
    I love you, MOM

  4. Lauren: I agree completely!

    Ali: I'm glad you like it.

    Mom, you're the best!

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }


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