Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 on Thursday: I'm Back!

Happy 2011 everyone!
I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I've blogged. This is the longest I've gone without blogging since 2008! I thought this would be a perfect time to do a "13 on Thursday" to play a bit of catch-up.

  1. Our Christmas was amazing. We spent lots of time with family, ate amazing foods and generally felt blessed by all around us. Didn't hurt that we were spoiled rotten either! How was your holiday?
  2. Since we last "chatted" I've kept very busy by taking photos of some amazing people. We shot a wedding on New Year's Eve that was amazing and another great one last week too. This weekend will be yet another nuptial photoshoot. It has been a blast and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful clients.
  3. Another reason for my absence here is that my blog will undergoing a major makeover and revamp in content over the next weeks. I'm just so excited about it, I want to save all of my posts until then. I sure hope you'll love it as much as I do.
  4. It has been really cold here (in Louisiana's terms at least--in the 20s!) and I've been enjoying it a bit. Having an excuse to drink Starbucks frequently, snuggle up under two comforters and spend time editing indoors without feeling guilty is great!
  5. Having said that, I am a bit excited for Spring too. So many amazing events will take place over the coming months--I'm ready to soak it all in.
  6. I got a new mac a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. My office is undergoing some decor additions and its sleek shape fits right in. I can't wait to complete the space so I can share it with you. Right now I'm looking at modern rugs to finish off the look.
  7. Lately I've been on a Pandora kick while editing in the office. What is your favorite station?
  8. On a similar note, I need to update my itunes with some new sounds. Any favorite tunes to share?
  9. I have found the perfect chocolate chip recipe! World's best! I'll share it soon--promise.
  10. Part of my Matron of Honor duties for my sister is to design/choose a design for her invitations. I'm currently exploring letterpress designs, they are all so pretty. Do you have a favorite letterpress designer?
  11. I'm kind of sad that as adults we don't exchange Valentine cards the way we did in elementary school. I totally want to design + send out cute cards. Something about the red, pink and white hues make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  12. I came across this on the web today: Kids Trying to Figure Out 80s technology. It is pretty funny since that really doesn't seem that long ago. Also interesting: Things Kids Born in 2011 Will Never Know.  Feeling old yet? I kind of am!
  13. I'm not going to finish every thing on my 30 Before 30 List. I've made great headway and am optimistic I'll finish more but I'm trying to be realistic. I did however do many things NOT on the list so that counts for something right? To be honest I'm trying to distract myself from the fact I'll be the big 3-0 soon. Eek!
So that is a bit of what's going on with me. Until the blog redesign is complete I may be a bit scarce but I'll pop in. Hope you guys will stick around and be patient with me!



  1. Can't wait! I've been missing your posts alot!

  2. oh gosh, it's been cold everywhere! Did you hear that earlier this week, there was snow in every single state except Florida?? Crazy!

    I felt the same way about valentines--so I created postcards with some of my photographs! So fun to make & I know my friends will love getting a valentine in their mailbox:)

    I considered making a '30 Before 30' list, but considering my 29th birthday is in a week, I wouldn't have much time to do a list with lofty goals. Maybe I'll do a mini?

    Great to have you back!!

  3. I think that finishing everything on a "30 before 30" list just means that you weren't ambitious enough. Take everything you didn't do and bump it up to a "40 before 40" list. Soon enough, my friend...

    Jealous about the Mac.

    Happy to hear about your merry Christmas.

    Happy 2011!

  4. So happy you'll be back! :) We've missed you!

  5. I'm grateful today for finding your blog through The Lil Bee blog. Thank you for sharing and spreading your wonderful heart and attitude. I can't wait to see the new blog.

    Amy :)


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