Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 30 by 30

So today is my 29th birthday. It is kind of a scary number for me because that means 30 is just around the corner. I'd be lying if I said I was where I thought I'd be at this time in my life but I'm happy never the less. I've been working on the ever popular "30 before 30 List" for a few weeks--I'm wishing I would started it earlier so I would have had more time to get them done! Some of my goals are small and some are big and will take a lot of work+time+energy but if I do even half of these things in the next year I'll feel as though the next 365 days have been successful. Hoping that posting the list here will keep me accountable and motivated. Have you made a list like this? I'd love to see what is on yours.

30 Things Before 30  (updated w/progress on 1.16.11)

  1. Read the Bible.  --in progress
  2. Plan a great trip with my hubby to celebrate my 30th + our 5th anniversary.  --in progress
  3. Open my own photography business.  done!
  4. Set up my Etsy shop for my photographic prints.  done!
  5. Finish designing our wedding album and get it bound.  --in progress
  6. Get professional photos taken of me and Mike by a photographer I admire.  --found photographer, will schedule soon.
  7. Continue learning to crochet and complete an actual project.
  8. Plant a lemon tree in our yard.  done!
  9. Find an exercise that I love an implement it into weekly schedule. --i'm trying various exercises out.
  10. Fly a kite.  done!
  11. Go to some sort of “pick-your-own” farm.
  12. Finish my office (make it a workable space).  done! but still adding/changing
  13. Organize my magazine clippings and idea books.  done!
  14. Acquire a nice set of watercolors.  done!
  15. Begin using said watercolors.
  16. Go on down to the Audobon Zoo (where they all ask for you!)
  17. Find a suitable album for our photo booth photos and organize them.  --in progress
  18. Go to at least one concert.  --done!
  19. Find a way to organize and make easily accessible the hundreds of recipes I have bookmarked (mostly via tastespotting) so that I can actually use them!
  20. Watch the sunrise on the beach.  --in progress
  21. Begin my “art wall." --received first piece, but still considered "in progress"
  22. Help my mom finish her cookbook.  --in progress
  23. Get “The Bright Side Project” featured in a magazine.  --we were featured in the Kansas City Star so I'm counting this as done. Especially since we sold the site which was a huge accomplishment!
  24. Redesign my blog.  done!
  25. Paint our hallway.  done!
  26. Give flowers to neighbors on May Day.
  27. Buy all the spices that belong on a spice rack.
  28. Complete very special BSP project.  done!
  29. Make some sort of jam or jelly.
  30. Discuss babies with my hubby.  it has been discussed--done!

    Every post should have a photo and you guys know how I like balloons. Find the photos here and here.


    1. That's a lot of goals you've put together. I hope you do finish all of them :)

    2. happy birthday lindsey!!! have an awesome day and a super blessed year! i LOVE your list!! especially #1 ;)

      can't wait to follow you as you work on these goals!

    3. Happy Birthday! I LOVE your list...and I think you can totally do it. Now get going on planting that lemon tree and you already have something to cross off...good luck!

    4. Happy Birthday!

      You have a lot planned for this year. I hope you get to all of it and more :)

    5. Such a great list! And I do hope you get to finish it all by 30!
      I can help you with no. 5 as I design wedding albums ;)

    6. Well this list is looking good!
      How exciting :) And, many birthday wishes to you :)

    7. Happy birthday! I hope your day is lovely.

    8. Happy Birthday Linz!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

    9. Happy belated Bday! Wow, that is an inspiring list!

    10. Happy birthday! This is a great list, Lindsey! I'll be turning 29 in June, and so many people are making these lists (and really enjoying them, more importantly) that I'm thinking of making one for myself. I think it's important to actually do all the things that you think about and say you want to do someday. Someday is today.

      I actually just bought a binder and some of those plastic paper holders for all my recipes because I was tired of trying to figure out a creative way to organize them! If you find a better method, I'd love to hear/see it!

    11. Happy birthday!

      That's a great list! I haven't done so well on my 30 before 30 list and my birthday is only a few months away.

    12. A healthy spirit is because of a healthy relationship with God and a healthy meal is because of a wonderful spices from spice rack.

    13. This is a great list -- very doable! Enjoy ticking them off! Happy Birthday :)

    14. Happy Birthday!!!
      Love the idea of this list!!

    15. I've been seeing a lot of these lists lately. And you know I'm knocking on 30 too. I honestly have never thought of doing this- but you now have me thinking!
      I can help with a few on your list. We're thinking of becoming members at Audubon Zoo- we'll call you when we go! Should've told me you wanted a lemon tree I could've picked one up in Forest Hill this weekend. And I have to say- 30 is my fav! DO that one first!!!!

    16. Happy birthday, my sweet friend! I'm sorry I caught this late, but I think it's serendipitous that you just popped into my head and I came over to say hello. Hope you had a wonderful birthday:)

      PS: I don't have a list quite like this, but definitely have a one-, five-, and ten-year plan. It varies from time to time, but I find it keeps me on track. You should definitely be proud of where you are:) xo

    17. Congrats to you! Happy Birthday... What a list... I love the things you've come up with! Praying for you... That you'll get them all done! Birthday Blessings to you, Rebecca

    18. I liked your list so much! My favorites were 8, 10 13, and 21. Here is my list:

      Happy Birthday

    19. 你要保守你的心,勝過保守一切,因為一生的果效是由心發出..................................................

    20. These are ALL very achievable, I love the plant a lemon tree:) I almost bought one for my 'deckette' this weekend (we are on the same page!)

    21. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Great idea on the list, I just did one of these too (26 by 26)! Mine is here if you are interested:

      Good luck with accomplishing your list. I agree that even getting half of them done is a BIG accomplishment.

    22. Happy Birthday! I wish you the best of luck on accomplishing your 30 goals!!!

    23. happy birthday! was so encouraged to see your bible reading at the top of the list. it's always nice to know there are other believers out there is this big bad world of arts & crafts!

      good luck to you this year! you're still young!!!

    24. Great list! I know what you mean about being a bit scared to turn 30. I'm going to be 26 this year, and while I know that isn't very old, I still feel like I'm a teenager, so when I realize that I'm in my mid-twenties, I feel like half my life has disappeared!

    25. I came to your blog via the BSP - I have to tell you that I am in love with this post!! You have inspired me to start my own list (I am 28 now, which I figure gives me enough time to make my list really spectacular!)

    26. This is great! I'm going to make one too. I just stumbled upon your blog :)


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