Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Since I know that this weekend is a holiday weekend for those of us in the states I wanted to send out a major announcement before you guys signed off early for the weekend (if you are lucky enough to do so). On The Bright Side Project this month the theme has been Blogger's Delight. We have worked with some of our favorite bloggers to learn their favorite items, must haves and with list things. Miss B and I will each be taking a turn as the finale for the month.

I'll be showcasing some of my favorites THIS SUNDAY on The BSP and you don't want to miss it. Let me repeat YOU.DO.NOT.WANT.TO.MISS.IT! I am sooooooo excited about the prizes I lined up for my feature. One lucky reader will take home some big + amazing prizes...prizes I'm soooo jealous of at the moment. Prizes I totally want for myself! Prizes that will make you squeal with glee and become the envy of all of your friends. So mark your calendars.  Put a sticky note on  your fridge. Set up an alert on your iphone. Do what you must but what ever you do...don't forget to drop by beginning Sunday to enter (heck drop by now too, we have amazing prizes set up ALL week long).


  1. beautiful! guess how i found your blog?

    i was looking up how to get my background colour like this except the body posts!



  2. How exciting! I am loving this latest theme on the BSP. So many lovely shops and bloggers, and so many amazing things to give away! I am for sure there on Sunday!!


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