Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cute Coop

My hubby and I toyed with the idea of keeping chickens last year--hens. The thought of fetching a basket of freshly laid eggs and serving them in the summer time along side fresh sliced tomatoes from our garden seemed divine. Yes we live in a neighborhood, but it allows for kept chicks. We got really excited about it and were thisclose to doing it when reality began to set in a bit (aka: my mom and sister laughed at the idea and proceeded to tell him how chickens are messy/gross and the eggs taste funny).

I was officially scared off. Then my mom sends me a link to Heather Bullard's new chicken coop and I about passed out from the severe cuteness. What is she (my mom) trying to do to me?!?!? I think at this time it is not a good idea to keep a chicken coop in our yard. We do have room and the idea seems appealing on the surface but there are so many reasons not to at this point it will remain a dream. One day I hope to have a miniature animal farm of my own (miniature farm, not animals. although miniature animals would be great too). Yep I am a city girl through and through but if I found a nice patch of land on the outskirts (still really close to Target) of town I'd happily raise animals of all kinds!


  1. You crack me up. My aunt gets green eggs- kid you not- eggs with green shells, insides are normal. But chickens are horribly messy and yucky. And I have a feeling your neighbors wouldn't be too pleased. But if it's fresh eggs you want- let me know, I can find some for you. ;)

  2. That is the worlds most adorable chicken coop. (But wouldn't it be covered in bird shit right after it got installed?)

  3. i want one!!! i dont care how much bird crap it gets covered in! This is sooo cute I would clean it everyday!

  4. Mrs. Limestone knows what I am talking about!!! It is a really cute dream.... some things need to just stay dreams, so you don't get your bubble burst! Put a picture of that coop on fridge, look at it as you dial Kaliste. Love, MOM

  5. I love your "still really close to Target" part! I could put up with a lot as long as I was pretty close to Target. I could live in that coop.

  6. I want miniature animals! Please, universe, be cool and send a tiny giraffe to me.


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