Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pretty Pink for the Holidays

I love nontraditional colors for Christmas. Green and red remain popular with me too but I guess the creative artist in me appreciates the unique palettes out there. Pink trees have become popular since Domino magazine featured them and I'm loving that color being elaborated throughout homes like Better Homes and Gardens featured.

Pretty in pink, don't cha think?


  1. Love to switch up the holiday colors... I'm working on a mustardy yellow scheme for next year!

  2. i love this. pretty sure the husband would never go for it, but it's awesome nonetheless.

  3. ooo, i'm so in love with this post!!

  4. I am so doing this one day for Devon! I know she will love it. And, btw, just saw your Christmas list at Kelly's and don't even have words for it. Thank you for that:)

  5. Oh so lovely. This is the type of Christmas I'm talking about ;)

  6. I agree it is pretty, but it just doesn't speak Christmas to me... I think it's more of a delicate Easter/spring look.

    Good find though!

    ~ Jen


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