Monday, December 7, 2009

My Old Room

Last week I shared with you my sister's stylish seasonal decor and today I thought I'd share where she got those genes--my mom! For as long as I can remember, my mom has been a great creative inspiration. Not only can she decorate like a pro but she's always been able to whip up crafts and DIY projects with much success.

One of my favorite rooms in my parent's home is my old room. Partly because it is where I spent a large part of my life but also because it is so, anyway! Of course when I left that room behind it wasn't super stylish. It was a college student's hideaway with little decor worth mentioning. Once my mom was sure I'd flown the coop for good she made a guest room out of my old space.

A creamy beige color on the walls, a petite chandelier, and a few antiques combined with her eye for style and the room was transformed. The toile bedding adorns an heirloom bed that she painted black. Antique store shopping provided a large armoire for guests to unpack and it also houses a small television. Yellow accents and wispy curtains provide a light airy feel. A subtle bird theme is carried through as well. I love the bird cage wall accent that she uses to showcase photos, letters and notes. My room got quite the upgrade wouldn't you say? I wish it had been this lovely when it was mine. Who wouldn't love to be a guest in this room?!


  1. Any guest would be just delighted to stay in that room - it is gorgeous. I love the antique armoire, and the bird cage photo idea is genius!

  2. Stephanie: I have to say I agree with you. And the bird cage is one of my favorite items in the room.

    Karin: Sweet is a good word to describe the room. Glad you like it.

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }

  3. the bird cage is my fave too. what a great interior designer your mom is :).

  4. Such a sweet post Lindsey! Thanks for featuring me. I do love that room myself and am flattered by your reader's sweet comments. The room is filled with things I love and I think that is the key.... if you find something you love , you will find the perfect spot for it and have it always. MOM


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