Friday, December 18, 2009

My 5 Things

My buddy Melisa of The Lil Bee has been posting and hosting "My Five Things" on her blog.

She wrote: "My Five Things will be a place to share the 5 things you want to do in this lifetime. They can be things simple and small or vast and life-altering. There are no rules. Just a collection of goals you wish to accomplish. Because I truly believe that by putting it out there, you're that much more inclined to make it happen."

Today she featured my own five things. Click on over and take a look. What are your five things? Leave a comment, I'd love to know!


  1. My five things:
    1. Walk across the stage at the Academy Awards
    2. Travel the world
    3. Get a book published
    4. Have a home that overlooks the sea
    5. Star in a play on a professional stage

  2. I love your list. It's got me thinking.
    5 doesn't seem like enough! But it's a good starting point, right?

    1. To live in the country, or in another country.
    2. To help my husband start his own art business
    3. To publish something
    4. To learn to sew
    5. To inspire in my children a love for learning and a love for living

    I love to think of how many wonderful things there are to do in this lifetime. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Ginger, I love your list. I see we agree in our love of water. I hope your dreams of fame come true!

    Greta: It is hard to narrow it down to 5 for sure. But having a starting point is a good thing. I love your list, especially #5. That is such a great goal!

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }


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