Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Great Givers: Winner #2

Okay, wipe your tears and get some more Kleenex because here is the second winner of The Great Give.

Winner #2 blogged her entry and this is what she said:
No words.  I won't be able to do this justice but had to blog about an experience I had with Ben and my oldest tonite.  We had the privilege of serving the homeless downtown.  For several years our church has taken a group down on the 3rd Sat. of every month.  I'm ashamed to say this is the first time we have gone.  It won't be our last.  There is an age limit and only Caleb is able to go with us.  My mom was a  part of the ministry by watching the other two. 

This meal and church ministry for the homeless is amazing.  It is not a homeless shelter but an actual church for the poor and homeless living in the area. They hold several meals and church services each week with fun movie nights and other events in between.  They even shuttle the people from local shelters to the ministry which is housed in a former church. 

Anyway, we so enjoyed the church service at the beginning of our time there tonight.  That preacher brought it!!  Those homeless worshiped the way worship is supposed to happen!  We were sitting in the balcony and watched the plates being passed during the offering.  I couldn't believe they took an offering and was so touched by seeing the few coins by the time the plate reached the back.  It reminded me of the widow and 2 mites story in the Bible.  As the service was winding down we headed to our places downstairs where dinner would be served. 

This was not like a soup kitchen where the people go through a line.  They actually came down, took their seats, and WE served them.  It was an honor.  Each volunteer had their own table and I LOVED my table tonight.  They were so easy to talk to and interact with.  We talked alot of football together, of all things!  You would think in their circumstances they wouldn't be so friendly and nice.  But they were, and were so appreciative for us being there.   

As the dinner was winding down I asked once more if I could get them  anything else, thinking maybe they'd want a cup of coffee for the road, on this cold night.  They all said no, except for one man, a Bengals fan I'd talked to alot that night.  He said he wanted just a bed.  Just a bed.  My heart broke.  All I could give was a promise to him that I'd be back next month to serve again.  And say an extra special prayer tonight that he gets the best night of sleep he ever has, wherever that might be.  How I wish I could give "just a bed", but that's the best I can do.     

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