Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Great Givers: Winner #1

Well The Great Give is now behind us but the season of giving is still going strong.  Many wonderful entries were blogged, emailed and posted and each one touched my heart.  From baking cookies for neighbors, to donating money, to giving time to a cause hands and hearts across the globe gave of themselves for the good of others.  What a great gift you have given not only to the recipients but to me and to others who have had the joy of reading these inspiring stories.

When it came time to choose winners, the fun was up!  This was no easy task so I recruited two of the nicest girls I know to help out--Traci and Cyndi.  Both of them give of themselves yearround.  Traci and her daughters have rang bells for the Salvation Army this year and she is donating half of her businesses profits to charity.  Cyndi volunteers at a children's hospital in her town and helps organize big fundraisers.  What better judges right?

After narrowing things down and collaborating on our favorite gives we came up with winners. Believe me when I say that all three of us would have loved to give every single entrant a prize but alas we could not.  So without further ado please help me congratulate the winners of this project.  And remember you can keep on giving!  There is no prize better than helping change the world!

Winner #1 wrote an email telling me about her Great Give. She said:
My family has done a good deed and would like to share it...in the interest of keeping it  anonymous in the eyes of the receivers I chose not to blog about it...I hope this email is acceptable :)

Yesterday we were visiting with  our wonderful neighbors and we became aware that their niece's family (mom, dad, and 4 beautiful young daughters) had been without heat for an entire week. This young family is in the farming business and has been very negatively affected by changes in the economy. At this point they barely have money for food, and cannot pay for the heater repairs. Family members were unaware of the severity of their plight until this weekend. They immediately began trying to get heaters and extra blankets and clothing to the family.

Here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon we have been having severely cold nights...in fact the days have been barely above freezing.  Hubby and I could hardly sleep in our nice warm bed last night knowing that this great family was freezing in their own home :(   Today, first thing, we went to Target and bought jackets for the girls and an electric blanket.  We delivered them anonymously...tonight we will sleep better :)

Thanks for all you are doing to promote kindness and generosity :)

This Great Giver will receive these wonderful prizes...
 "The Whitney English Experience." Enjoy over $500 in goodies from Whitney English that includes:
  • 100 Flat Digital Photo Cards
  • 120 coordinating Return Address Labels
  • One of our signature ClipSheets (TM)
  • 80 coordinating Round Labels
  • 50 personalized Note Cards
  • Our personalized candle in signature "Classic" scent
  • A set of 4 personalized Placemats

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