Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whimsy & Spice and Everything Nice

It finally feels like fall here and it has me hungry for all my favorite treats. I think I'd love a few of these for my hot cocoa. I'd take a couple of these to dunk in coffee. And some of these to dip in my pumpkin dip. Sounds pretty delish huh? Whimsy & Spice makes me drool!


  1. looks so delicious ... LOVE whimsy + spice.

  2. Trust me...you MUST order something from them! Everything I've ever ordered has been consumed quickly and brought huge smiles (as well as compliments when ordered as a gift). Jenna is a dream to work with! Great...now you have me drooling over the thought of W&S goodies. I've been contemplating ordering the Pumpkin Ginger Sandwiches for what seems like months now!

  3. Everything looks mouth-watering yummy!


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