Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jessica Claire's Wedding Reveal

As a photographer I've been eagerly waiting for today...the big reveal of Jessica Claire's wedding photos + details. (Remember her invitations?) On the day of the wedding I was glued to all my favorite photographer's twitter streams catching glimpses of the day through words and the occasional iphone photo. Now the big day (for me!) is here.

My excitement to see these photos is only overshadowed by seeing my own wedding photos for the first time. The bride herself revealed a few photos on her blog and will be doing more posting until all the good stuff has been shared. Jose Villa also contributed his amazing shots to Style Me Pretty and I've been drooling on my keyboard for many reasons: the creativity of the wedding planning team, thoughtful details, beautiful attire and of course stunning photos. Head on over to both sites for some serious eye candy. Believe've gotta see this wedding!

Congrats to Jessica and Jeff! If their wedding is any indication of how beautiful their life will be together then they are set.

photos copyright Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty


  1. What a beautiful and creative wedding, and the photos are amazing!!

  2. The door was such a great touch :)


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