Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Full Friday

Another 7 days have gone by and we are inching closer to a new month--time flies when you are having fun! This was a great week despite the dreary, rainy weather here. Today the sun is out and that is surely the sign of a good weekend ahead!

Here are a few things that made this week great and full:
--hubby got a raise!
--taking bridal photos of a beautiful bride
--a nice dinner date with my love.
--spending time in nature, fishing.

What are you grateful for this week?

Photos: Money, Kodak Signet 35, Romantic Dinner, Small Green Pond in Springtime


  1. Oh that's awesome that your fella got a raise! COngrats to him!

    Ooh fishing... I haven't done that in YEARS!!!

  2. I am blessed with the most beautiful daughter...the most talented daughter....the resident of my heart. MOM

  3. You have had an awesome week!!! congrats on the extra moo-la coming your way!! love the pictures!

  4. Lindsey - What a good week for you! I am grateful for:
    1. My gastroenterologist, who keeps me in-check
    2. Comfy clothes, as it gets colder outside, I love to stay warm & cozy
    3. Walks around the neighborhood with my dog
    4. A very relaxing and enjoyable Saturday with my hubby


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