Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Little Piece of Paradise

We've been working hard on our backyard lately. You can read more about our progress here and here. This weekend we tediously hung a giant (I mean giant! This sucker weighs about 30 pounds and is 4 feet in diameter) fern from one of our oak trees. It didn't take us long to realize it looked like an au natural chandelier. So we strung some solar powered mini lights throughout the plant and made it official. After adding our old fashioned picnic table beneath it we were ready to dine al fresco. Check back for night time shots of our "chandelier" in action. What fun outdoor projects have you guys worked on?


  1. Your backyard is absolutely lovely!! We're knee deep in a few projects at the moment but, unfortunately, none of them revolve around our outside space (although they should given our backyard needs some definite TLC).

  2. Cyndi, I've been keeping up with your progress...I love the furniture you picked from Wisteria. Gorge! Can't wait to see photos of your progress!

  3. this looks like a great place to hang out!

  4. Your backyard is AMAZING! I'm kinda jealous, but mostly in awe of how gorgeous it is! :)

  5. LovelyCity: Thanks so much for the compliment! Sadly our yard is not so pretty right now the winter weather has made most of our plants look quite pitiful. I can't wait for Spring!

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }


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