Monday, June 1, 2009

Blooming Beauties

I planted a hydrangea bush earlier this Spring and it has really taken off. It is a young plant but it currently has 15 flowers blooming and that is after I've cut several off for clippings. As a great surprise a mystery plant we found popping up in our front beds turned out to be cala lillies. And as a pretty turn of fate, the colors coordinate so nicely with the hydrangeas. My kitchen is constantly dressed up with lovely blooms and I couldn't be happier--especially since I've grown these beauties myself! If you are looking for two easy plants to perk up your gardens (and your house too!) I recommend these lovelies!


  1. hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers!

    as i told julie, i'll miss y'all at coveiter, but i'm excited to discover these new blogs!

  2. Thanks Caroline! Hydrangeas are one of my favs too and made an appearance in my wedding bouquet.

    I am happy to have a spot of my own and am glad you followed me here. As always I love GG.

    { Lindsey }

  3. sorry to see coveiter go ... but looking forward to following you here, julie! what a lovely photo.

  4. looking forward to your new blog lindsey. i have some pink peonies blooming in my yard right now that i need to bring inside.

  5. Thanks Danielle!
    I bet your peonies are gorgeous!!!


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