Monday, December 13, 2010

13 on Thursday--Monday Edition

What can I say? The holidays have kept me really busy. I feel like I am back on track a bit now. I thought I'd dive right in with a 13 on Thursday...yes, yes I know it's Monday. Let's just overlook that shall we?

  1. My fingers are so cold right now. I really wish there were some sort of very thin, easy to type in gloves or something. Brrrrr!
  2. This weekend I wrapped up all of our Christmas gifts (to give). I only have 2 more gifts to buy. It feels great to be so close to being done shopping. It sure has made for a less stressful holiday. How's your holiday shopping going?
  3. Today on the BSP we are giving away a gift card to CSNstores. At times like this I wish I could win! I spent a large amount of time browsing their bedroom furniture while "researching" for the giveaway. After the new year I'm redecorating our master bedroom.
  4. I really wish Etsy offered Gift Cards, that's what I'd want for Christmas. I have a wish list of Etsy items a mile long.
  5. My mom bought hubby and I an Elf on The Shelf a few years ago. Even though we don't have kids we have totally been having a blast with our elf, Rudy, this year. We've shared so many laughs because of this little elf!
  6. These macro photos of snowflakes are so pretty! Even the simplest things can be beautiful when viewed with a thankful heart.
  7. This weekend I picked up a Polaroid 600 Land Camera at an estate sale. I can't wait to get film for it. Anyone have experience with The Impossible Project? Should I buy from them or purchase discontinued film?
  8. Ninjabread men: awesome! My hubby would love it if I made him these.
  9. Probably no surprise but our Christmas tree is decorated in a gingerbread + peppermint theme. So I wrap our presents in kraft paper and peppermint embellishments. These packages are so pretty though, I want to change my entire theme!
  10. If I had the room (and the funds) I'd purchase this nativity set in a heartbeat. It is adorable!
  11. One word: yum!
  12. I flunked out of SFS this time around. But wowee, my classmates have taken some amazing photos.
  13. This week I plan on drinking lots of warm beverages, finishing up the last of the Christmas photo orders, baking chocolate chip cookies and spending time with friends + family. What are your plans?


  1. that little Elf on the Shelf is adorable! I've seen him around and will likely pick him up before Christmas:) ...and we don't have kids either!

  2. What is an Elf on the Shelf?
    I've never heard of anyone having a themed Christmas tree and presents before, but I like it! Your theme sounds very lovely. Think you'll post a photo of your tree?
    I have had the same problem with having cold hands but needing to time. Have you tried finding gloves that cover everything except for your fingers? I don't mean fingerless gloves, because I know that material between your fingers can still slow you down.
    This week involves finishing my finals (I just finished a French linguistics and pronunciation final today. One paper, one project, and I'm done!). Then, I'll go home and make little paper snowflakes sprinkled with silver and/or blue sparkles and watch It's a Wonderful Life with my best friend :)

  3. What about fingerless gloves? They keep the majority of your hand warm and leave you free to type. I can't wait until I have kids (as in a long time from now) just so I can have an Elf on the Shelf!


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