Thursday, November 18, 2010

13 on Thursday

Been a busy week here as you can see from the lack of posts. I love this time of year...staying busy with fun projects. Here I go with another 13 on Thursday...

  1. My little pup had to have a procedure done on Monday and he had to be put under. I was a nervous mommy but everything went well, he's doing great and he's extra cuddly. 
  2. I received my copy of Anthology magazine last weekend and I'm saving it for after my shoots this weekend. I want to cuddle up under a bunch of blankets, flip through the pages and sip on a warm beverage.
  3. Speaking of warm beverages...I finally had a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Just as good as I remember and now I am afraid I'm hooked. What's your favorite holiday beverage from the 'Bucks.
  4. This weekend I have one bridal shoot, four family shoots and a small wedding to photograph. It will be busy but fun too--I love my clients!
  5. This Thanksgiving I am responsible for a sweet potato dish. I am thinking of keeping it simple and making this one.  Do you have any sweet potato recommendations?
  6. Another great surprise in my mailbox this week: my copy of "An Awesome Book of Thanks" by Dallas Clayton. I love, love, love this books!
  7. Wish so many letters weren't out of stock. I'd like to spell out "eat" in my kitchen.
  8. So sad I didn't purchase these cookie cutters before they sold out. I may have to hunt some down on ebay.
  9. One of my SFS classmates put together a great series: 31 Days to Better Photos. I highly recommend it if you are looking to improve your photography skills.
  10. I'm soooo behind on laundry this week. Too much photo editing, too little washing. I'll be playing catch up all day today. 
  11. I went to NY&Co to buy the skirt I talked about last week...I wasn't crazy about the color in person. I did however (thanks to some coupons my mom had) purchase three sweaters, a shirt, a skinny belt and a necklace for $75! Pretty amazing, made going to the mall worth it.
  12. I have to admit that I can't wait for "Black Friday" to be behind us just so I can stop hearing about it. Seems retailers are really pushing it this year and it is kind of annoying.
  13. We watched Meet the Fockers over the weekend...I'm really excited to see Little Fockers. Looks hilarious! 
What's new with you this week? Are you blogging a 13 on Thursday?


    1. Mmm, pumpkin spice lattes...although I think the peppermint mochas are actually my favorite holiday drink!

    2. Hi Lindsey! Did you hear you can get 2-for-1 holiday spiced drinks from Starbucks through the weekend? You can get you pumpkin spice latte fix :)
      We really liked this sweet potato casserole from Cook's Country that I made last year:


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