Thursday, November 4, 2010

13 on Thursday

It's time again for another 13 random tidbits. Hope you guys are having a great week! I STILL can't believe it is Thursday already. My sister and her fiance stayed in town to visit on Monday and it has throw me off--today feels like Wednesday to me. But it is great that is not because that means one day closer to the weekend!
  1. We are expecting chilly (for Louisiana) temperatures for at least the next week. During the day we'll see mid 60s and low 40s at night. So today I'm doing what the majority of Southern Louisiana women are doing: making a gumbo!
  2. My hubby ran a 5K on Saturday and got first place! I am so, so proud of him! This is deserving of exclamation points right!?!?!
  3. I always like as much daylight as I can get but I'm pretty excited to "gain" an extra hour this Saturday. I'm looking on the bright side and taking this ritual as a sign of the holiday fun around the corner.
  4. Anyone else feel that Mondo was robbed? I was never a Gretchen fan and her final collection on Project Runway did not impress me. Can't wait to see what Mondo comes up with in the future.
  5. Can't believe I'm admitting this but hubby and I went see Jackass 3D last week--everyone needs a good laugh sometimes right!? Well take a bit of advice from me: Skip it--it was sooooo gross!
  6. When my sister + fiance were in town, my mom and I helped them with their wedding registry. It was as much fun as when hubby and I did it 4 years ago! My favorite part was helping them pick out china. There are so many pretty patterns, I love to mix and match them. I'll share her pattern soon.
  7. Every few months, I feel the need to update my itunes with some new music. Today's purchase included: Kings of Leon, Bruno Mars and Jack Johnson. Have any tune suggestions for me?
  8. I really, really, really want this skirt. It is so chic with the gray tights!
  9. In other fashion news, I have to confess I'm super jealous of you guys that live near an H&M. Their collaboration with Lanvin is amazing and affordable! 
  10. Have you checked out Ez's latest creation:Gifted? SWOON!
  11. I love this time of year as catalogs start filling my mailbox--you can always find great inspiration in these free tomes. 
  12. Speaking of mail: I can't wait til Anthology & Holiday with Matthew Mead arrive. Have you ordered copies?
  13. There are so many beautiful calendars already out for 2011. Have you picked yours yet? I can't narrow it down...I'm thinking of making my own. Thoughts?
Want to play along with 13 on Thursday? Leave your link in the comments--I'd love to read!


  1. I love that skirt, too! I'd been looking for a cheaper version of the J.Crew skirt, and now I've found it! Thanks!

  2. Oh dear, I am so glad you said your Anthology hadn't arrived, I was going to contact them to make sure they had the right address, lol! Have a happy weekend:)

  3. Check out the Snow and Graham 2011 calendar! I just bought it and I now can't wait for 2011 to begin!


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