Monday, September 20, 2010


Have you guys seen this Geico commercial with the little piggy who cried "wee wee" all the way home? Thanks to the wonders of DVR I don't catch many commercials but I'm glad I happened to see this one. The little pig cracks me up and makes me smile each time I see it.
Here's to a new week!


  1. That pig CRACKS me up! He's a "weeeeee, weeeee!" And then when the lady says they are home he's like, "oh, ok" in this deep nonchalant man voice.

  2. so funny! perfect for a monday :)

  3. They are absolute geniuses!! I love Geico's commercials! What ever happened to the gecko character??

  4. Ohmygoodness, I just got finished saying how ridiculous this commercial is lol. It's borderline annoying, but also very funny.

  5. The lady driver deserves an Oscar, look at her face, love this!


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