Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Take A Chance

KSNY has done it again! Their St. Louis store hosted an installation that was as beautiful as it was magical. Named "Take A Chance" a few walls of the shop were lined with lovely colorful mini envelopes each containing a suggested chance. "Eat cake for breakfast," "sing outside of the shower," and "embrace color" were a few of the recommendations.

I'd like to make my very own version using Envelopments Roll-A-Deck by filling it with whims and fancies. What fun it would be to pull out a colorful card in moments of boredom or when inspiration is lacking and be immediately energized! And on days when you are feeling 100% the Roll-A-Deck would be a great punch of color for your office decor.


  1. I Love this! I am a teacher. I teach middle school choir. I would love to do this in my classroom! The cards could say things like "Laugh out loud," but could also have inspirational sayings on them. I love the idea of the kids looking at them and getting inspiration for the rest of their day. Maybe something to spend some of my classroom money on this year? Maybe...

  2. I love both of these ideas... especially the roll-a-deck full of fun suggestions! Wonderful idea!

  3. I love it!

    And I have ABBA stuck in my head, haha!

  4. Ah! This is lovey! I want some to spruce up my notes and records!


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