Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grown-Up Playhouse

When I was a little girl we'd visit my cousins who lived about an hour away every so often. They had a sweeping back yard with a hill and tire swing. Their closest neighbor raised peacocks who would peek their beaks through the fence dividing the properties. We'd always find long peacock feathers along the fence line and I certainly thought they were magical as we used them as fairy wands and other games.

But above all of these wonders my favorite part of our trips was the chance to visit their playhouse.  Hidden beneath a tree, behind the main house was a tiny Victorian with a sweet porch. I honestly couldn't tell you what the inside of the playhouse looked like. I just remember the magic it contained for me.  A secret spot for us to play and hide. Our own space. I bet if I saw it now, it would be merely a small, rickety shed like shelter but back then it was a tiny castle!

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon an article in the NY Times detailing a woman's dream home in the Catskills. A grown-up playhouse was my immediate connection. Sandra Foster carved out her own private retreat behind a run-down trailer and it looks just lovely. Adding to the whimsy is a tiny creek you must cross to find the cottage hidden within the forest. Perhaps most amazing for us adults is that the beauty of this mini-mansion is that it was completely, lovingly and wonderfully restored and decorated for under $3000! This gives me hope that I too may one day have my own "playhouse."


  1. I want her house AND her pink boots! how cozy is that little bed nook?

  2. how magical! This is definitely on my wish list.

  3. That is such a stunning idea-so mythical and beautiful! A post like this always reminds me of how much is possible in the world! Thanks for blogging!!

  4. What an eye for design! The interior and exterior's white is a charming contrast to the surrounding lush forest.
    That story from your childhood is very cute, and I understand what you mean about how something magical in childhood falls short later in life. A friend and I used to visit her family's vineyard, which was set on rolling hills and forest. Running around those hills was lovely, but now I feel that the grass is too tall, the bugs too many, etc.

  5. That is amazing in every way imaginable! Thank you for sharing. I love her bedroom loft, even though I'm way too afraid of heights to ever try something like that!


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