Friday, August 13, 2010

Creole Creamery

Combine the fact that I've been to NOLA more times than I can count with my love of ice cream, throw in a few beaming reviews and I still can't figure out why it has taken me all this time to finally head over to the Creole Creamery. On this last trip I refused to head home without making a pit stop and I got my wish.

Creole Creamery has been around for years and is a favorite for locals and foodies alike. Known for their unusual and rare flavors, each batch is made with fresh ingredients and when they are gone, they are gone. The list of flavors they've concocted over the years is quite lengthy and drool-inducing.  I decided to try two scoops that were the epitome of South Louisiana--Red Velvet and Black & Gold Crunch. Of the two the red velvet was my favorite with luscious cream cheese ice cream and chunks of the New Orlean's staple--the cake. MMmmmmm!

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend dropping by. It was a delight--especially on a record breakingly hot day in LA. Next time I want to try: Banana Malt (an ice cream flavor) and Molasses and Oatmeal Cookie. The sherbets and sorbets sound delish too. The thought of doing the Tchoupitoulas Sundae Challenge crossed my mind since the options all seemed so appetizing! Take a peek at their flavors...which would you try?


  1. I don't normally hope for a trip to New Orleans in August (entirely too hot + humid!) but now I am! I'm totally drooling over the flavors on their website but there are WAY too many that sound good to list. Looks like you've done it again :-)

  2. Bout time you stopped by! My 2 favs are honey lavender and summer ale citrus coriander! YUM! Who knew purple ice cream would be so amazing. Hoping to get back there in a few weeks.

  3. mmm! I ♥ ice cream :) You have a lovely blog!!!

  4. Loved the Passion Fruit Sherbet!

  5. I love me some Black & Gold scream.....


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