Thursday, June 10, 2010

Illustrator Love: Lorelay Bove

Back in March we went to NOMA to check out the Dreams Come True: The Art of the Classic Fairy Tales From the Walt Disney Catalogue (see more about the trip here). There was so much amazing art work to be seen and I learned of some new and amazing talents. One of which is Lorelay Bove. This young lady interned at Pixar and as since gone on to become a visual development artist at Disney. She worked on The Princess and the Frog and takes inspiration from another one of my favorite illustrators Mary Blair.

I've been holding off on introducing you guys to her amazing work because her Etsy store was a bit sparse. But now it is stocked with some new work so I thought today was the perfect day! I especially love the Laduree print (which probably comes as NO suprise).


  1. Looks so retro, 70's like, and so very very cool!
    She's really talented!!

  2. My husband went to Cal Arts with Lorelay. She has an awesome style!

  3. OH, I love her style. Thanks so much for introducing her to us.


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