Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dream Beds

When it comes to decor, especially bedding, I am extremely fickle. Always wanting something new. Our current Pottery Barn bedding is not even 2 years old and I'm sick of it and ready for a change. Alas it is in great condition and new bedding is not on the "needs" list but rather the "wants" list. If I could redo my bedding right now these are my three favorites.

Not only would I take this quilt but I'd pretty much love an exact replica of the room too!

Anthro's Rosette bedding is my number 1 pick and I love UO's Waterfull bedding too (but I doubt my hubby would let me get away with that, IF we were switching things up).

Do you get the itch to change things up often too? What are your favorites of the moment?


  1. To answer your question, YES! I am constantly getting inspired, changing things up, and then getting inspired by something else the next day...but I love it, and I justify it by having a blog:)

  2. Great choices you've got there! We're actually in the process of sprucing up our non-decorated bedroom, but I at least know that in beddings dept. we're covered (my BF's mom got us the most amazing white cotton beddings!)

  3. I totally want to mix things up all the time! And if you buy good quality stuff it lasts longer which makes it hard to justify replacing it (maybe I should buy cheaper and more often?)

    Those pictures are beautiful - I often find myself liking bedding that just won't work if a man has to sleep in it too...

  4. I love that quilt (and room) from West Elm! I know I shouldn't be a bad influence but I definitely think you need it :-)

    I was always changing up our decor until recently. I love our white duvet from West Elm & am enjoying the flexibility it gives me to change up our sheets. This way I can still play around with different patterns & prints but don't have to change everything around it. I'm currently loving sheets we got from Layla Grace & continue to enjoy waking up to a beautiful painting by a super special artist :-)

  5. I love those too but my hubby sounds like yours. Nothing too girly allowed!

  6. I will take room #1 please. Grey comforter, botanical prints and maps. Yes, this is good.


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