Monday, February 8, 2010

GreatFull Guest Post: Kelly

Kicking of guest posting this week is the wonderful Kelly from Design Crush. I'm quite sure you've heard of her amazing blog that catalogs her creative finds but if you haven't make sure to drop by.


In Oklahoma we don’t get a lot of snow. This winter we’ve had not one, but two massive snowstorms. And because we don’t get a lot of snow, when it does show up the entire state goes into a state of emergency. And then the complaining starts. The I-can’t-get-into-the-offices and the I-have-cabin-fevers among others that aren’t exactly G-rated.
The second of those two storms showed up at the end of last week. And instead of being one of the complainers I tried to look at things a little differently. From a different perspective. As I worked from home on Thursday and Friday I reveled in the little things. The snow blowing across my windows. My dog running through the yard, leaving tons of puppy prints. Having the time to sip a cup of tea. Just the magic of it all. And I’m grateful for something as crazy it taking me back to childhood memories of growing up Pennsylvania, getting bundled up to play and coming in to steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Lesson learned: revel in the little things.


  1. thanks for having me visit on GFD! and enjoy your time away from the computer. :)


  2. Oh Kelly! You're so awesome. (I'm such a complainer!!)

  3. I need to revel in the little things more.. thanks for reminding me! Beautiful post! Hope Lindsey is having a great time!

  4. Beautiful post! There is something so magical and serene about watching the snow fall. :)


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