Friday, February 12, 2010

GreatFull Guest Post: Dionne

Guest posting today is lovely Dionne who is a fabulous illustrator and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet (even if it is just virtually).


Do you ever have those weeks when your jaw drops open at how many things you are grateful for? When SOOOO many good things happen that it's almost like a dream?

My name is Dionne, and I blog over at City of Dionne. I love stopping over here at Lindsey's blog because it reminds me that these jaw-dropping moments should be every day - we are just so used to how blessed we are that we aren't in awe of it any more.

Here are a few of the little everyday pleasures that I am grateful for:

- Time to sit down, relax and contemplate

- That when one door closes, a whole new pathway opens up

- And of course - CHOCOLATE!!!!

What are your everyday pleasures that you sometimes forget to be in awe of?


  1. beautiful post! i do make a special effort to notice and be grateful for the beauty in my life.

    sometimes, though, i lie in bed and think of my children and how they're growing so fast and won't live in my home forever. i try to remind myself to really, really appreciate the fact that at the moment, they are sound asleep under my roof and forget about the every day things that aren't so important, like whether or not they cleaned their rooms.

  2. I love Dionne and her blog, and I couldn't agree with you more about her being one of the nicest out there!!
    One of my daily pleasures (guilty might I add) is bitter-sweet chocolate. When I have a piece of that it's like the whole day just stops from that moment and I get lost in that chocolaty flavor!!

  3. Great reflections!

    Sometimes there are so many tiny little things we don't realise for which we should really grateful for. It might be silly but this morning the stapler at the office actually stapled my stuff correctly on the first try (it usually jams right away) and that made my day :D

  4. I just made a mental list of totally jaw dropping things that I have to be greatful for!

    I agree with Dionne that we are just so used to how blessed we are that we aren't in awe of it any more. I need to be careful not to do that!!

  5. My steaming cup of morning coffee. I have it every day, but it's only on the days I have to do without it that I realize how much I appreciate it.


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