Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayers + Love for Haiti

I am joining other bloggers today to dedicate my blog post to the residents of Haiti. After yesterdays massive earthquake my thoughts and prayers are with the people of this area. Sitting here safely in my office with all kinds of amenities makes me so grateful and it also saddens me to know that so many thousands of people of Haiti are not experiencing the same today.

Please join me most importantly in praying for the Haitian people, that their recovery be swift and that they are granted peace in this time of tragedy.

And if you are also blessed with safety + security on this day please consider donating to relief efforts for the victims of this natural disaster. A simple way to donate is to text "HAITI" to "90999." This will add $10 to your phone bill and the donation will go directly to Red Cross to assist in their efforts. Did you know the average Haitian lives on $2 a day? This $10 could make a huge difference to getting them back on their feet.

Will you join me?


  1. Great post! I've been following this on Twitter, as I'm sure you have, and my heart just breaks for all of the Haitians.

  2. i have a similiar post on my blog. i'm glad every time i see another one of my daily reads do this.

    be grateful.

    xo, katie


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