Thursday, January 7, 2010

Painted Pretties

Never would I have thought that I'd love orange like I do in these photos. The combination of turquoise (pretty close to the color of the year) and yummy tangerine is just bold enough to be fun while remaining classically stylish. I wish I had an extra room in my house that I could incorporate this color palette into. Do you have any favorite color combos these days?

photos from Canadian House and Home


  1. Any color combo that includes turquoise is usually a fave as I've loved turquoise since I was in high school (and that was a LONG time ago!) I especially love turq + red, turq + orange, and turq + green. I'm also loving grey + purple right now which is a complete departure from my norm.

  2. Great photos! I like deep purple and olive green or seafoam bluish green and raspberry red. I love colors! I could repaint my house once a week!

  3. I'm still loving powder blue and chocolate brown. Classy like black and white with more interest and slightly more casual.


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