Monday, January 18, 2010


It is no secret that I love the art of ballet (exhibits a and b) so when BalletArt made its way across my computer monitor I swooned. The movement captured in these illustrations is amazing. Artist Lousine Hogtanian uses color in her drawings too but my favorites are the black and white done with graphite. The texture of this material has always appealed to me. Currently I'm scouting a location in my home for one of these beauties.


  1. Those are INCREDIBLE! As a former ballerina, I'm in love!

  2. Fantastic find! Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic, unique art. I will be buying!

  3. Jen: Me too! I love little nods to my ballet days.

    Sparrow's Nest: I am happy to share, so glad you like this find. Let me know which one you buy!

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }

  4. What a fabulous find! Just stunning, my daughter would adore these.

  5. You can feel the movement in those gorgeous drawings!

  6. These are so exquisite! I too have such a thing for ballerinas (despite never doing anything balletic ever!).


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