Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Downtown Calendar

Seems there are so many lovely calendars to choose from these days. Beyond the bookstore, handmade + handcrafted pretties abound on Etsy. It is so hard for me to narrow down my choices to just one for the year! A few friends are actually doing a calendar wall to remedy this issue!

I have to say this is one of my favorite calendars I've seen so far: The Downtown Calendar by Jen Oaks. The colorful illustrations of seasons unfolding in the big city are just gorgeous. Another plus is the large size of 12x18.5"--there is plenty of space to write in dates!

I'm still deciding on my final calendar choice.
What calendar have you chosen for 2010? Can you believe it is just around the corner?


  1. Oh, I really love that! I haven't picked a calender for myself yet, but I did pick up Tina Crespo's photo calender for my sister. It's really lovely - I kind of want to keep it for myself.

  2. I love all the fab calendars but I know I won't remember to turn the page and it will just be pathetic to see January still staring back on me in June. So I don't buy one. But I can admire from afar :)

  3. i've been trying to figure out what calendar i should get. man oh man are there some good ones this year.

  4. THis is sooo lovely! What gorge illustrations!

  5. This calendar is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us! I may have to share it on my blog as well. I love it!


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