Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cookie Mail

These sugar cookies decorated like postcards are so cute! I love the creative icing idea and think these could be great for giving this a Christmas card + gift all in one! Packaged in a snug kraft box sitting atop a bed of candy peppermints would be a fun way to mail these to friends far away.

What is your favorite holiday cookie? Any fun decorating tips to share?
My sister and I are going to have a holiday cookie baking extravaganza soon and I'd love to hear your input!


  1. those are cute cookies! when I was younger my mom and I made chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies...kinda normal cookies but they were so fun to make with mom!

  2. Gingerbread boys and decorated sugar cookies are my favorites! I don't personally have any decorating tips, but I've turned to for super helpful tutorials (some with video!) many times. She's got some great recipes listed, as well as a wonderful gallery for inspiration.

  3. My favorie are oreo balls. If you've never tried them you MUST! They're easy to make and a huge hit. Google it if you need the recipe.
    Enjoy your cooking extravaganza!

  4. those are too cute!! I love snickerdoodles and peanut butter kisses. yum!

  5. those cookie postcards are too cute! I love sugar cookies in any size, shape or form. just soooo good!

    the only tip I have is one I recently came upon for decorating sugar cookies: put icings in plastic squeeze bottles. it allows you to get as elaborate/detailed as you want and keeps the mess under control. x

  6. Dorothy: Thanks for the link, I'll check out that site. My list of cookies to try is growing longer and longer by the second!

    Longemeadow Mama: I have made Oreo balls before and you are right they are very easy and very good.

    Mrs. M.: That's a great tip! I'll have to try that out!

    Pamwares: I agree that any cookie baked with my mom was a good cookie...its about the memories and fun you had making them.

    Gratefully yours
    { Lindsey }


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