Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carol Hannah

Project Runway is one of my favorite television shows and this past season I was really routing for Carol Hannah. Even though she didn't win the big prize she is still producing gorgeous work. She has two Etsy shops, one for her wedding line and one for ready to wear. Of course, like her work on PR I'd wear anything in either shop



  1. I *loved* quite a few of the dresses in Carol Hannah's final collection. she is an amazing dress maker!

    I didn't now she had Etsy shops - thanks for the links!

  2. I loved Carol Hannah! I was so upset she didn't win. I thought she was the best. She definitly had the best attitude! Thanks for letting us know she had Etsy shops!

  3. these are lovely. carol hannah was my favorite. i was sad she didn't win, but just as sad that irina did. she was so mean and her collection was kinda boring.

  4. Gorgeous garments! I didn't watch this season yet, but judging from her cloths, which are amazing, I'm sure there were some great talents that season!

  5. I was pulling for Carol Hannah too! I'm sure she will enjoy much success. Her designs are so lovely.

  6. That teal dress is gorgeous! Lovely dresses!

  7. Happy to share! I can see I'm not the only Carol Hannah fan. Her Etsy stores have some great items, I'd take one of each. ;)

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }

  8. COOL!! i didn't even know she had an etsy shop! wow, that would be so legit if i got a wedding dress made by HER! she is amazing :) thanks for sharing friend!


  9. I'm so excited to hear that she has an etsy store - I didn't even think to check there...


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