Monday, November 30, 2009

Stylish Sister

My sister and her roommate are hosting a holiday dinner party next weekend so I stopped by yesterday to admire her Christmas decor. Her townhouse is decorated in cool blues and rich chocolate browns so she carried that scheme into her seasonal look. Her fireplace mantle, sideboards and built-ins are all adorned with lots of white twinkle lights, greenery, ornaments and sparkle. I was SO impressed! The photos I'm sharing with you below were taken with my little point and shoot camera and don't begin to do justice for her pretty place. My sister has great style right?

Do you have a color scheme or theme you use in your Christmas decor?


  1. love the color scheme. stylish sister indeed! ;)

  2. I just did a really cute pink holiday window at my shop. It turned out really cute!

  3. very stylish. i love when people do unconventional christmas decor. mine is very rustic-y with lots of brownish textures & twinkly lights (think burlap, dark brown velvet, tweed, etc....).

  4. Lauren: Your color scheme sounds lovely! I'd love to see it!

    Jennifer: Your shop looks adorable! I love the pink theme with the trees to match--so cute!

    Bethies: i agree, my sister is super stylish!

    { Lindsey }

  5. My girls can really decorate. Lauren your place is beautiful. You sure impressed your sister. Linz, I can't wait to see yours and know it is as beautiful as ever. Proud mom here!

  6. Indeed your sister has great style ;)

  7. I love the vintage look. I collect vintage santas and I use a lot of pink. It is not the traditional look at all, but it is fun and cheery and we all love it!

  8. Mommy of Three: That sounds like such a pretty and unique style for Christmas decorating. I love it. Take pics, I want to see!


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