Friday, November 20, 2009

Sequin Style: Part 2

Today I have a second installment of shimmery goodness for all you sequin lovers out there! I can't get enough of the sparkle. Doesn't the blue top below remind you of Carol Hannah's collection last night. Speaking of, what did you think of the Project Runway finale?

Silence and Noise Sequin SkirtOut of Sequins Dress
Classy Catalyst Top
Black Shimmy V-neck Dress
Bow Tunic Tee
Carolina Herrera V-neck Dress
Proenza Schouler Full Skirt
Nina Erna Peep-Toe


  1. I'm loving all the sequin! I really am in love with jacket in your first sequin post!

  2. What is it about sequins that make me smile? Love this post! Have a great weekend! xo.

  3. Haven't seen the final of Project Runway yet, we are a bit behind here (there are still 6 or so in the show, so a lot of episodes to go.. yumm!). I don't even like sequins that much. So why did I want to write this comment? ...

    Oh yes, to tell you I really love your blog. I just recently found it and I think it is beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration! x


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