Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Italy

"Little Italy" by Jennifer Altman is now on sale and I'm dreaming of owning a copy of my own. If you've never visited Jennifer's blog Nectar & Light you are really missing out as it contains a plethora of amazing and inspiring photographs. This book is her first and I imagine that it will be wildly successful.

The sixty pages in this hardcover book detail memories, polaroids, a few recipes and a story or two. The book includes a limited edition print and loads of inspiration. Jennifer says of her book:

"I want it to inspire you to follow your heart - to step on foreign ground, to feel that ground reverberate through your body. I want you to hold the hand of your best friend and lose yourself in magic moments together. I want you to laugh until you can hardly catch your breath and remember that beautiful moments with friends can heal your soul and grant you vision anew. I want to inspire you."

Now that sounds like something that belongs in my collection!

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