Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5: E

The morning sun is a beautiful thing but I am grateful for evenings. I inherited my "night person"-edness from my mom and I feel most productive, creative and inspired in the evenings. Given the option I'd rather sleep in and stay up late. I'll never be accused of being a morning person that is for sure. I find the moon brings me a since of peace and inspiration. I'm a fan of Nick at Nite and falling asleep to old movies. Here are a few of my favorite images of the evening...

{ Dawn Earles }

{ Alicia Bock }

{ Primeau }


  1. I almost picked evenings but I am more of a middle of the day person, so I am grateful for Everyday! Good Evening to you.

  2. I'm just the polar opposite of you. I'm all about the mornings (which is why I'm reading blogs at 5:45a right now). I'd rather go to bed, get up at 5a, and start my day. I'm motivated by a bright sun. All that vitamin D just gets me going! :)

  3. Jenni: Don't get me wrong...I love sunshine too. BUT not early in the morning. Mid day and evenings are the best for me!

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }


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