Friday, October 30, 2009

To the Max

Amazingly creative + talented photographer Max Wanger has opened an online shop. Full of limited edition photographic prints and t-shirts based on his photography his shop is a hit. The prices for the rare beauties are very reasonable. I'm currently trying to decide on my fave out of these:


  1. oooo. exciting. good to know. love these pics!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to check that out! :)

  3. Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about the table choices....i finally got one, but it wasn't from the ones in the list. I will post about it and where i got it soon! As for the white table...if you are really interested, i'm selling it for $125 + shipping. Not certain how much shipping is yet, but a good guess might be somewhere around $90 or so...If you really want it, I can find out for sure. Someone else is interested, but you asked first! :)
    Email me at if you're interested.

    XOXO Thanks!

  4. How beautiful! So simple, but so clever and pretty! I love the "love" photo and the umbrellas!

  5. Oh, how beautiful. :) The Love and Happy photos are probably my favorite. Just looking at them makes me happy. ;)

    I just happened upon your blog, and it's lovely. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. ooh!! How dreamy!! Off to check out more of his work...

    Thanks for taking the time!!

  7. Those are all such fantastic photos! I would have a hard time choosing too, but I think I really love the "LOVE" one!

    ~ Jen


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