Friday, October 2, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight: Another Reason to Want an iphone

I was lucky enough to befriend the sweet Melisa who is the creative lady behind The Lil Bee and more recently Feather Report. TLB is a blog of all of her favorite things including design, photography and pop culture. It has long been a favorite of mine.

Fashion + Weather = Feather Report
A few months ago she launched Feather Report and I was hooked! It was truly one of those "I wish I'd thought of that" type of ideas. FR uses the forecast in various areas to help you decide what to wear. It is a girl's best friend!

Now if that wasn't cool enough, all you iphone users are even luckier! Now Feather Report is an app. From your phone you can check the weather and get a customized outfit just for you. So if you are a tall, slim thing living in a tropical climate having a predictably warm, humid day the app will show you the weather report and an assemble that will look great on your body AND keep you cool in your environment. You can follow links to your favorite items and bookmark your favorite looks. Looking stylish has never been easier!

So yep, add that to the list of reasons I want an iphone, like yesterday. If you already have the gadget click on over to purchase this app. Or you can try your luck at winning a copy here. And if you are like me, longing for an iphone fear not: you can still hit up the blog for fashion goodness.

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