Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Porch Envy

Oh Martha! You can make any day bright and beautiful with your amazing talents.
Exhibit A: This Porch. The pale pumpkins, fluffy mums and fallen leaves are autumn's still life. Can you imagine coming home to a porch like this? Beautiful!


  1. This is lovely. Back in Australia, when I used to imagine American homes, this is what I would picture. Gorgeous.

  2. Love the monochromatic colors! Most of the rooms in my home are decorated with monochromatic palattes. I tried something a little different for my fall flowers on my front porch...

  3. oh martha you never fail! i just requested tickets to the martha show i hope i get them.
    i love this house i want it ,though it would be even better with a wrap around porch lol

  4. I love this porch too! I especially love those "Cinderella" pumpkins! :-) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dionne, it is a pretty traditional home here. Add the pumpkins and it just gets better.

    Erin: Your porch looks adorable and I love your house!

    TFL: I hope you get tickets. That would be so fun! I agree a wrap around porch would really seal the deal.

    Inkandbutton: The Cinderella pumpkins are the best! I'm now in the mood for some and need to go to a garden store asap!

    Gratefully yours,

    { Lindsey }


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