Monday, October 12, 2009

Lucky Me!

If you haven't dropped by The Bright Side Project yet then you are missing out. This website brings a little sunshine to your screen through daily giveaways. I love reading the entries which are often thought provoking responses to questions posted by sponsors. It is definitely a happy spot to drop by.

A few weeks ago I actually won a giveaway...first time for everything, right? And I was so excited to when this giveaway because I genuinely loved and wished for the prize: a sweet Ellie Necklace from Acts of Kindness. She arrived in the mail in a package so lovely: tied up with twine and in a craft box filled with fluffy feathers. Since that day, I've worn my prize several times and wanted to share the cuteness with you. I highly recommend AOK if you are looking for darling jewelry.

Thanks to The Bright Side Project and Acts of Kindness for such a fun treat!


  1. I love the site Tristan and Julles do such a great job over there.


  2. Aww...thank you lovely Lindsey! I am so happy you love her and these shots are wonderful! You are a doll and this makes my day! Truly.

  3. I ADORE Melissa's work. I have her ring and it's amazing. I'd recommend her work to absolutely anyone. And her packaging is the definition of "icing on the cake." =)

  4. Oh YAY!
    Congratulations! It is so nice to get something that you really want :)

  5. Soo. cute. I am going over there right now.

  6. I get in the running for their prizes whenever I can! It's SUCH a cool concept!

  7. that is so beautiful!! love the packaging, too.


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