Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweden Swoon

My mom's family is from Sweden and I really hope to one day travel there. Until then, these photos from Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! (who is living in Sweden at the moment) are holding me over. The colors are gorgeous and the countryside seems just amazing. Take virtual vacation this Monday with me...


  1. O.k....I need to go there NOW! It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these images with us, Lindsey.

  2. Sweden has never been on my travel wish list but after seeing those photos, that's completely changed. It's absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. Today in my cultural diversity class we were talking about sweden & saying that the country is filled with many different languages depending on what part you are from. I thought that was really amazing. These photos are so colorful!

  4. Vicki: Me too! I wish I could teleport there right this instant!

    Cyndi: I bet if you look into Sweden and look at more photos you'll be dying to go!

    Cali: How neat! Aren't her photos great?

    Gratefully yours,
    { Lindsey }

  5. These are beautiful...wish I was there.

  6. OMG I couldn't agree more. I literally have been DYING over her Swedish photos. So gorgeous and colorful.

  7. Sorry for commenting so late but i just found this post and I thank you for featuring my photos! It was a great trip and I wish I could go back now:)

    xo Chelsea


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