Friday, September 11, 2009


Eight years ago today the world changed, lives changed, hearts changed. The memory of September 11th will forever remain a part of our histories and each year the emotions of that fateful day bubble up inside me. I can remember where I was that day when tragedy struck and how all I could do was gaze at the glowing box for news and updates. Even far away from the madness I felt anxious, sad, scared, overwhelmed and angry. My heart was aching for those lost, those mourning and those helping. Today it does the same.

Last year on our trip to one of the greatest cities in the world we visited ground zero and felt the magnitude of that horrible event. But taking a few steps more we were reminded of miraculous, wonderful events that began long before that day. In St. Paul's Chapel we prayed and read and wept, not over the sadness of the day but the amazing acts of heroism and grace. The magnitude of these events were equally moving. So many dedicated their hands, hearts, hours and lives to make good things happen in the face of sadness and evil.

Miracles happened that day and every day since then. Today I am choosing to focus on every (no matter how minute) miracle that came from that day. I'm choosing the silver lining, the rainbow. I'm choosing to live like everything could change tomorrow, because it could. Perhaps it is best not to mourn, but to celebrate--to celebrate lives that were too short and lives that still contain opportunity.

But no matter how you choose to do so...remember. Never forget.

To read more about the inspiring stories from St. Paul's Chapel click here.


  1. Great post Lindsey!


  2. 8 years. Wow. It's gone so quickly.

    I loved the way the nation pulled together that day. Even from Australia, we could see the people of America unite and stand strong.

  3. I love the way you are choosing to remember today. It's so important. Jay-Z is having a benefit concert tonight and if I weren't 9 months pregnant, I would be figuring out how to go. I remember on 9/11 so many people huddled together in bars, because nobody knew what to do that day, so at least they felt they were together. It will always be a hard day, but I think it is inspiring to celebrate what we have and be thankful for those things.


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