Thursday, August 13, 2009

Style Me Kate

The blogosphere has been a buzz with Kate Spade's new clothing collection...and with such good reason! Not only are the pieces amazing but as usual the styling is impeccable. In case you haven't seen the genius that is Kate's new venture, please let me introduce you!

I've long been a fan of KS and managed to obtain a few bags of hers from the hubs over the years. Now I'm making a wish list with clothing items, and they are every bit as stylish. That owl bag? Ah.may.zing! Polka dot blouse? Must have! And I think colored tights may be in my future. If I could dress like this model I can only imagine my days would get exponentially cheerier.


  1. OH.



    I want every single one of those outfits. They are so flirty and fun! I love them!

  2. The blogosphere is indeed buzzing! I myself just did a post on the new Kate Spade line. =P But who can resist?? It's absolutely amazing!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. INDEED!!!

    I am also a huge KS fan. I also love how her brother David promotes his sister so cutely by giving her bags to people when he meets them (I've seen him do this on a couple of talk shows, so maybe he doesn't do it all of the time, but ANYWAY).

    I absolutely adore the last three outfits and want them all! And you are so right about that polka dot blouse (not to mention that last black skirt..) - A must have to the max. But how to get it before it's gone???

  4. So cute, and I love colored tights, too. I might have to purchase a fun pair once I have the baby:)

  5. *JAW DROPS* I adore Kate Spade for her simple, classic, clean looks. Clothing?!? Now she is doing clothing??? *sigh* Just another thing I wish I could afford...

  6. How classic! I am in love with the style of her clothing line.

  7. Dionne, I want them all too!

    Berry, I never knew you had a blog! I have checked it out and love it!

    Susan, that is so sweet about David Spade. I have NO idea how to get these before they are sold out...I imagine they will do so very quickly.

    Nifer: Yep, can't wait to see the price points. May be worth a splurge.

    Crystal: I agree...GREAT style!

    Gratefully yours,

    { Lindsey }


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