Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh My NOLA: Sucré

One of my favorite stops in New Orleans is always Sucré. It is the yummiest, prettiest and sweetest place to be! This sweet boutique offers up "artisan" treats that are not only tastey but almost too pretty to eat. Throw in beautiful packaging and a yummy interior and my heart (and belly) is happy!

On this trip we sampled several treats. My favorite chocolates are the: Wedding Cake and Meuniere so we got a pretty purse-ful of these (the packaging is like a tiny pink purse). The hubby tried the Peppermint Patty and Absinthe which he said were quite tastey. Having tried the fabulous macaroons before I skipped them this time and headed for something refreshing on this hot day--Gelato! It was the first time I tried their versions and I was of course very pleased. My flavors of choice were Creamsicle and Peanut Buttter Fudge.

I could easily get a sweeth tooth cavity in this place and can't wait to return for the opportunity to try more of the confections they serve up. If you are in NOLA make sure to stop by--it's a must visit! If not visit their online shop to have your sweets mailed directly to you.

--photos by me


  1. Thanks to you and another friend, I've been able to talk my hubby into a stay-cation- a weekend in NOLA. And this is now on my list! Along with the best ice cream in town- the Creole Creamery.

  2. Oh how I miss the south. Especially this time of year! I have such fond memories of Mardi Gras!


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