Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Office Inspiration

My hubby is building built in shelves for our office and is about half way done. The walls are painted, and curtains are ready to be hung. We are making progress! Don't worry I'll post pics when we are done. For now here is some office inspiration. As a fellow photographer I find Nancy's work spaceto be a great place to work on her craft. Do you guys have a home office-where do you work on your projects?


  1. I love looking at others creative space. I am constantly re-working mine, as much as I love having space in my home I am starting to consider moving it out to a cottage by my home. I am so easily distracted (4 boys at home all summer) I can hardly get started with everything I have brewing...I love your site, it is sweet.

  2. I love this office space...someday when I have my own office space this picture will definitely be inspiration. Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see your own pictures of your own space.

  3. For now, my projects are my house! I am working on creating my own workspace though.

  4. How exciting! A new office to birth new ideas in! This is a fun yet soothing and structured space. Can't wait to see your pics!! I really love Danni Hong of Oh, Hello Friend's office featured on Decor8 today.

  5. HI! I love your blog. I am grateful for it!!!
    We, too, are in the process of building our office. It is also going to be a school room (I am starting my homeschool this year) a library, guest room, art room, computer room and anything else we need to cram in there. But my husband is a genius and has drawn up wonderful plans. We hope to have it done in the next month or so. Right now it is painted.
    I will also post pics.
    Until then I'll watch for yours and get some great ideas.

  6. These are so beautiful! What a great office, very clean and modern.

  7. So pretty and organized.

    Looking forward to your office reveal :)

  8. Junelle: I bet it is hard to work inside with lots of family stuff going on. An office cottage sounds great!

    Greta: I can't wait to see photos of your space. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

    { Lindsey }

  9. I love your office!!! Such pretty colors!

  10. Hi Lindsey!
    Remember this post? Only 4 months later and I am finally able to post pictures of my new office space. I am so happy with it, I had to show you some pics. It isn't all the way done, but very, very close. Close enough to post pics anyway.

    Here you go:

    Is yours done yet? Did I miss the update?
    Still loving this blog.


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