Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CB Perfume

I'm loving the concept behind CB I Hate Perfume: "Scent is Life." Mostly though, the themes and history behind the scents are so unique and interesting to me. My picks would be: At the Beach 1966, Eternal Return, In The Library, and To See a Flower. The little bottles are great pretty would it be to display them all in a row? I think I'm sold on this original perfume concept. What are your favorite scents?


  1. I love how these look like little medicine bottles, how cute! Almost like you should wear the perfume to feel better, hehehehe.

    I love floral and fruity scents.

  2. Dionne: You are so right, they look just like little medicine bottles..or even laboratory bottles! I love the packaging and hope to try out a few scents soon.

    Gratefully yours,

    { Lindsey }


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