Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lightning Bugs

First the bumblebees and now the fireflies. Their population is dwindling and it makes me sad. Our area is so void of them that I had forgotten about these lovely glowing creatures until reminiscing about summers of my childhood. I remember spotting many a lightning bug (as we called them) in the woods around town as a kid. Sadly I haven't seen one in years!

As a fun summer project (kids would love this!) you can join the Museum of Science's Firefly Watch. It requires no special training and helps scientists chart the habitats and populations of these insects. Very little information is available in the scientific community on the reasons firefly populations seem to be declining or on these creatures in general. Joining the watch will help change that.

Above is a piece by one of my favorite artists Penelope Dullaghan. Below are some great finds from Etsy to celebrate fireflies. They are nature's icons of summer!

1 We're All in This Together
2 Firefly Night
3 Creation of Fireflies
4 Catching Fireflies
5 The Enlightened Fireflies


  1. I love all the firefly art! I had no idea that firefly population was at risk... how sad! Fortunately, we see a lot in our area, my kids love when they come out at night!

    P.S. Just discovered this lovely blog of yours!!

  2. Kokolotus:

    I love the art too...I think having one of these pieces would be a perfect reminder of summer days when it is cold and wintery! I wish we saw more fireflies here! I'm jealous of your flying friends!

    Thanks for visiting me and following me on twitter too!

    Gratefully yours

    { Lindsey }


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